Mod Manager
About the Mod Manager

The Mod Manager is a all in one Fallout Tactics tool that not only does what it's name suggests.. Manages your mods, makes them easy to install and launch, keeps them up-to-date.. It does a LOT more!

What is the Mod Launcher / Mod Manager?

For the full history of the Mod Launcher / Mod Manager check out the History tab above.

The Mod Launcher and Mod Manager are two very different programs that attempt to do the same thing in two very different ways.

The Mod Launcher is no longer receiving any updates as the program has pretty much reached its functionality limits.
However, the Mod Manager is the predecessor to the Mod Launcher, improving on it, expanding the capabilities of it and adding a plethora of features and functions that just weren't possible with the now old Mod Launcher system.

Do I need it?

No, most mods come with a way to install themselves and are relatively easy to figure out how to launch, though there isn't a better way to go about installing a mod than with the Mod Manager.

It's simple, easy to understand, easy to use, fast and safe.

You'll have zero conflicts with other mods and you'll be able to play the original game even with mods installed if you so choose.

Other ways of installing a mod would require you to back up your game or else once you installed a mod, you'd need to uninstall and then reinstall the entire game just to install another mod. Some mods come with a .BAT file to launch, which would allow multiple mods to be installed but unfortunately not everyone is aware of them and even less know how to make them meaning most mods don't come with them.

Is it easy to use?

Why of course it is! It's designed to be simple and easy with it's simplistic interface and smartly arranged buttons.

What mods should I download?

It's entirely up to you. Our mods are

Can I mod the game with it?

No... BUT the Mod Manager is equipped with many useful tools to help in the modification of your game. Tools that would normally need to be individually downloaded now comes conveniently in a single addon package for the Mod Manager that you can find in the Downloads tab.

Can I manage my own mods?

Yes! We fully support you in utilizing the Mod Manager to help you mod, we've even added some buttons and menus that you can easily program to launch your own mods and projects.

You can find tutorials on how to program the buttons and make your own mod folder in the Tutorial tab.

Can I share my mods?

You most certainly can! We'd love to see what mods or plugins you've whipped up.
You can contact us about your mod or project by sending us a email and we'd gladly get back with you on how to get your files to us.

If your mod checks out we'll add them to the appropriate Downloads tab for you.

At the bottom of the page you can find our email address and some information on how to contact us by clicking on the Contact / Support tab.