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Welcome to the offical Mod Manager website!!
Where you can find all of your Mod Manager related information and content such as news, tutorials, mods, patches, updates and more!

If you're new to the Mod Manager, mods or the game; Fallout Tactics, you might want to checkout the About page for some useful information to get yourself familurized with everything before you use the Mod Manager and it's mods.

Offical Website!

This is the offical website for the Mod Manager project and sister projects.

We hope you enjoy the official Mod Manager website and the new version of the Mod Manager that comes with it. :)

If you find or have any problems using the website it might be because we are in the process of updating it. If it's website breaking or needs fixed as soon as possible PLEASE!! Let us know about the problem and we will react as fast as possible to fix it. Thank you. :)

Contact me via email, No Mutants Allowed or Mod DB for the fastest response.

MM Support email:
RobertHouse email:

V2.1 Released!

V2.1 Can now be downloaded and installed!!

This version is by far the most advanced and most complete version of the Mod Manager ever released!

Many hours have been put into making this project as bug free and user friendly as possible, the code has been thoroughly checked and re-checked multiple times to ensure no bugs have been missed as this will be the last full release for some time.

Broken V2.0

The version 2.0 that was released was a backup of an updated copy of version 1.0 and not the 2.0 files that were supposed to be uploaded, I failed to notice I had uploaded the wrong file. I was on a trip to Florida and was unable to check and test the upload, after I got back from my trip I tested the upload and noticed my mistake. :(

This is the official full release of the Mod Manager V2 (version 2.1) it's fully complete and ready to use, it has been completely re-made since the failed V2 release, many bugs have been fixed and worked out in this release along with many added features and improvements.

If you're using a earlier version of the Mod Launcher or Mod Manager I suggest you uninstall them and install the new version of the Mod Manager version 2.1.

(Make sure you look in the tutorials tab to find out how to uninstall your old copy of the Mod Launcher or Mod Manager and install the new version.)


You can find the latest version of the Mod Manager here:

Mod Manager V2.1


You can use our online simulator to interact and see the Mod Manager in action before you download it!!

Mod Manager Simulator (demo)